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Cameron Law Office Chartered, is a Twin Cities-based law firm that brings astute business knowledge to transactional and real estate law. Our history in employment law and litigation also supports our understanding of the risks associated with business and how to best represent your interests in each unique deal.

Today Cameron Law Office is a preferred legal advisor for real estate developers, those starting, buying or selling a business, investors, and entrepreneurs. Our responsive team will help you act decisively on the multitude of business opportunities that come your way.

Investing in the latest office technology and focusing on exceptional service, Cameron Law Office is uniquely positioned among law firms and legal services to support the speed of business.

Entrepreneur and attorney John Cameron has positioned his law firm as a resource for investors and companies that require responsive and practical legal advice and the litigation services to back them up. His straightforward approach and personable style translates to a passion for representing business and real estate deals throughout the firm.

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