Minneapolis, MN Business, Real Estate & Litigation Lawyers

You have a deal to make. You have a business to run.

When it comes to sound legal advice, you want to know the risks but move quickly.

At Cameron Law Office Chartered, we represent clients in business transactions and real estate transactions, and in the disputes that may arise from those transactions. By first understanding a client's situation, goals and immediate needs, Cameron Law Office develops a strategy that is consistent with those goals and proportional to the level of risk and opportunity. You'll get the information you need to move forward and make the deal... or walk away.

Minnesota attorney and entrepreneur John Cameron has positioned his law firm as a resource for companies, investors and entrepreneurs that require responsive and practical legal advice to successfully complete their business goals and the litigation services to back them up. His straightforward approach and personable style translates to a passion for representing business and real estate deals throughout the firm.

Smart attorneys who know business, that's Cameron Law Office.

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